Gabkotech Global partner program

Introducing Gabkotech Global Partner Program

We believe in a partnership that provides you with an opportunity to increase your profits through margin retention, excellent new business support and the ability to earn ongoing revenue streams with renewals.

Leading the way in cutting-edge tech for facilities management. CEO Aaron Lee aims to revolutionize the industry with solutions like iREP Security and PeopleSense.

Cutting edge tech for effective facilities management

Gabkotech Innovations pioneers cutting-edge tech for efficient facilities management, offering solutions like iREP Security and PeopleSense to streamline processes and enhance safety.

CEO Aaron Lee aims to revolutionize the industry through innovation and expansion into new markets.

The convention is set to convene security agencies, consultants, technology firms, and training companies for essential briefings on pressing industry topics. The event anticipates attendance from over 150 industry professionals.

Security Association Singapore All-of-Industry Convention 2020

The Convention will bring together security agenices, security consultants, security technology companies and security training companies for briefings on important current matters in the industry and expecting over 150 members of industry to attend the event.

A modern building equipped with smart technologies including Building Management Systems, IoT devices, energy management, access control, and automation systems. These solutions enhance efficiency, security, occupant comfort, and sustainability by optimizing energy consumption, providing real-time monitoring, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

NLB Tender Deployment 2019

Transforming Buildings with Smart Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency, Security, and Sustainability.