Smart Thermal Imaging Camera

- Thermal Camera Temperature Reader
- Thermal Camera Live Monitoring Centre

Smart Thermal Camera System

Features of Thermal Imaging Camera

How does it work?

Smart Thermal Camera is a smart system capable of reading temperatures and detecting absence of masks. We have thermal camera temperature reader which detects in real time the temperature of customers who walk past.

In an event of a fever or absence of a face mask, the alarm will sound off and our thermal live monitoring centre will record it as a video. It can also monitor real time the temperature of customers on premises. You can set the temperature to trigger the warning as well. 

Our objective is to build efficient human health screening, ensure health and safety of your customers on premise.

Thermal Camera Temperature Reader

smart thermal monitoring camera

Thermal Camera Live Monitoring Centre

Thermal camera live monitoring centre

Functions of Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Real Time Review
  • Storage SD Card Cloud
  • APP Push Notification
  • RTMP
  • Alarm Video Recorded
  • Capture Abnormal Personnel Portrait
  • Temp OSD Added

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Camera

Mass detection and alert notification

It can detect 4-6 people at once and show alert notification if anyone has fever.

Automatic warning

It has a temperature range between 30˚C- 45˚C. There will be automatic warning for temperature  ≥37.3˚C.

Reduce workload

Building management and security officer’s workload can be reduced with Thermal Camera Live Monitoring Centre as it is more efficient to screen the health of people.

Installed with APP push notifications

It is installed with APP push notifications whereby SMS text messages and mobile alerts will be sent to users who have installed our application, alerting them of the presence of any high temperature personnel.

Emissivity black background correction

Automatic correction according to input emissivity and background temperature, emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable.

Remote management

Remote centralized management for APP, WEB and PC. In built with API & SDK secondary development.

Other Benefits

Customization face recognition & mask detection. In Built with alarm video cloud storage, cloud pus

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