Gabkotech Monitoring Tools for Building Automation System

Gabkotech’s Monitering Tools for Building Analytics and Building automation capitalise on the potential growth that can help companies to achieve in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. From a analytical platform to AI learning to even sustaining big data, this tools has indeed what it takes.

Gabkotech Monitoring Tools for Building Automation Systems and Building Analytics

What does it help with?

Manpower Utilisation

Leverage on your manpower, making full use of the potential with better manpower optimisation


A flexible system that allows easy accessibility for roster planning for work efficiency

Periodic Maintenance

Keep track of time, especially of your maintenance where timing is crucial

Human Traffic

Have a real time human traffic data transmission in order to exercise precaution when necessary

Accurate Incident Report

Generating a comprehensive detailed report to showcase performance and results

Human Density

Take control of your premises and exercise measures when needed to

Efficient Clocking/Attendance

Provide your staff with a better clocking system to save time and cost

Odor & Gas Detection

Easy Odor & Gas detection to be able to respond to errors or mishaps faster, preventing any further incidents

What does it consist of ?

Analytics and collaborative platform

A comprehensive platform that provides an easy to digest analytical report so that you can plan your next steps better

AI/ Machine Learning

An AI/Machines Learning programming in order to assist companies in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

BiG Data

A big database in order to incorporate past and future data to design the best approach

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