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CCTV Camera

Gabkotech Security Integrated Management Systems (GSIMS)

A software solution to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface- Providing centralized command and control.

-Virtual Patrol
-Smart Command Centre
-Gabkotech Monitoring Tools For Business Analytics (GMBA)


Gabkotech Monitoring Tools For Business Analytics (GMBA)

Gabkotech’s Monitering Tools for Building Analytics capitalise on the potential growth that can help companies to achieve in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. From a analytical platform to AI learning to even sustaining big data, this tools has indeed what it takes.


Automated Carpark Management System (ACMS)

Automated Carpark Management system is a digital vehicle management that does real time vehicle counting, security analysis and recordings of vehicles in and out of premises. It improves efficiency and productivity of management.

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PeopleSense Solution

PeopleSense is a smart and simple platform capable of tracking human traffic, temperature taking ,real-time count data transmission. It provides efficiency and effectiveness in analyzing traffic flow.




iREP Facilities Management System is an integrated set of processes for businesses that leverages on big data, information technologies and applications to analyze, evaluate and ensure the seamless running of facilities at it's most optimal state.

-Fault Reporting System
-Inventory Control and Asset Management
– Attendance and Rostering
-Monitoring Tool for Building Analytics (Lite)
-[Optional] Periodic Maintenance


iREP Security

iREP Security is a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and monitoring system which use GPS trackers and Live Image Captures to enable your investigating officers and guards to write incident reports on site.

-Smart Thermal Camera System
-After Action Review
-E-Leave Management 
-Inventory Management
-Periodic Maintenance
-Payroll & HR

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iREP Workforce

iREP Workforce Management System is an integrated set of processes for businesses, using information technologies and applications to analyze, evaluate and ensure the quality of service and standards to optimize the workforce.

-GreenForce Attendance Checking
-Fault Reporting System
-Periodic Maintenance
-Manpower Rostering Planning
-KPI Benchmark Report



m2Sense Washroom Management System is a smart technology that consists of sensors and counters to help in making the maintenance of toilets more manageable.

It provides analytics and alerts to the relevant parties, capitalising on smart deployment to manage the cleanliness of the washrooms in the building.

-Human Traffic Counter
-Urine & Feces Sensor
-E-Inspection Checklist
-Feedback Panel

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Company X

Client A engaged service provider X to create a HR System and Security System for them in 2015. However the service provider does not have full integration capabilities and thus, provides 2 separate modules with 2 Separate Login Access Points to Client A.

Product module 1
Product module 2

In 2017, Client A requests for a new feature to be added to Product Module 2. However, because the provider does not have a native solution, they are unable to integrate the new feature to Module 2, and thus, create a new Product Module 3, and another access point in the process.

Product Modules
Product module 3

Silo systems that operates with no integration-independent from other products.

Gabkotech logo

Gabkotech develops all our products in-house. This allows us to provide our clients with solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other. Using the example to illustrate below:

Cross - module integration

Whether you want to add new features to an existing module, or a new module all together, every single update, or upgrade will be done in a fuss free manner, following our practice of providing an immersive, user-friendly solution to you.

Features of Product module

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Keith mortan security Pte Ltd - Case Study
Customer Case Study

“The Importance of digital transformation and harnessing the power of technology for competitive advantage cannot be understated for any business in the 21st century.  Gabkotech Innovations is our partner of choice in digitalizing and automating our security processes and workflow, thereby empowering us to deliver the highest service standards to our customers.”

William Adam Morton
Director, Keith Morton Security 

“On a quest to constantly improve our productivity, we embarked on a digital transformation journey encouraged by the Singapore Government. Without expertise of our own, we turned to Gabkotech Innovations, who recommended their iREP Security suite of solutions that was customised to address our needs.

Since implementation, iREP Security played a big part in automating and easing our operational procedures. Advanced features like remote monitoring and live image capture enabled our security officers to have a drastically reduced workload, as compared to traditional manual attendance taking and clocking.”

Sofian Bin Amin, 
Operations Manager,
Armour Security & Investigations

“Gabkotech Innovations ensures that our security operations run as smoothly as possible with the reliable iREP Security application.  Instantaneous incident reporting using the security app is highly efficient and gives us the assurance we need that all reports are accessible through the cloud with ease – an innovative way forward for security and reliability.”


Tay Sze Kiat
Executive Director, STS Security Services

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