Features of E-Occurrence

How does it work?

The E-Occurrence is a digital occurrence cloud system, where incidents can be recorded digitally without any intervention of hardcopy write-up.

The E-Occurrence is like an online electronic occurrence book with our integrated application. It is so robust that it allows seamless smart automation on sequestration between rank sedimentary and site duty. These range from guarding and other related activities to centralized control rooms where multiple client sites are monitored concurrently. Our E-Occurrence allows for integration to other systems by making effective use of industry standard infrastructure. It allows configuration and is adaptable to fit into virtually any built environment.

Occurrence Book

Follows police licensing & regulatory department (PLRD) guidelines

E- Occurrence

Create and view E-Occurrence report on the iREP app or web portal (PLRD format).

Mac and Mobile


In the event of an incident, a digital occurrence book is referred to as a source of evidence, similar to the way CCTV is used. The Digital Occurrence Book is therefore treated as an important source of information which should be tamper proof and stored for future reference.


Paperless - Go eco

Eco-Friendly and save the trees.


You can have as many digital occurrence book open as you have sites and you can have as many sites as you like.

Proper accountability

No line item can be dated in the future. Entries are authentic and cannot be fabricated. Holds the same validity as paper records.

Convenience for re-access

Entries can be re-accessed with password recorded.


You can give permission to more than one user to view the Digital Occurrence Book from another PC and allow them to make entries.

Regularly synchronized system

The digital Occurrence Book will show a real-time record of activity on site. Digital occurrence book can be referred to as a source of evidence in an event of an incident.

Automated reminders

There are reminders so you will not forget to login an occurrence entry record.

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