PeopleSense Solution : Human Sensor

PeopleSense is a smart and simple platform capable of tracking human traffic, temperature taking ,real-time count data transmission. It provides efficiency and effectiveness in analyzing traffic flow.

PeopleSense Solution​

Features of PeopleSense Solution

Smart & Simple People Counter

People Counter feature that enables smooth and precise analysis of people moving in and out of that, facility

Intuitive Surface

Easy to use system to reduce hassle and mishaps of handling the applications

Real-Time Count Data Transmission

Real time information is registered and sent through the system and to your fingertips, enabling you to have full and precise data on the ground

Temperature Recording​

In view of health of people, employees and workers alike, temperature recording function to ensure safe and healthy environment

Contact Tracing

Programme to keep track of anyone within the facilities to ensure higher level of security

Backend Platform - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Consumer Flow Data Report​

Easy and concise data report to ensure smooth execution during and after implementations

Visualized Dashboards​

Dashboard for easier viewing and interpretation

PeopleSense Solution​

Features of PeopleSense Solution: Human Sensor

Gabkotech - PeopleSense
Placement of peoplesense

PeopleSense Solution​

Benefits of PeopleSense Solution: Human Sensor

Cost Efficient

Efficient Queue Management

Quick & Easy To Use

High Productivity

Ensure Health & Safety Of Customers

Counting at Entrance, access control with authorisation

Reduce Workload Of Building Management Staff

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