Urine & Feces Sensor: Urine sensor

Urine & Feces Sensor

Features of Urine & Feces Sensor

How does it work?

The system is enhanced with odor detection for hydrogen sapphire and other inert gases that are emitted from human waste. The gas regulator has two probes, one to pick up the inert gases, one to cancel negative results from air fresheners installed in the toilets. Once a set threshold is hit, an email or sms notification will be sent out to the relevant party responsible for cleaning.

Functions of Urine sensor

This systematic tabulation of data allows the system to track the various stages of gas levels and triggers an alert to the relevant party responsible for cleaning the toilet.


Reduce on Routine Base Cleaning

With the labor crunch, system automation of detecting odor can help reduce the effort of having to clean the toilets at a specific time. Now cleaners can be notified when a toilet needs cleaning, helping to increase productivity and optimise labor usage. This also saves cost of hiring fixed manpower for a fixed location. 

Reduce Customer Complaints

When the toilet smells nice and the condition looks clean and pleasant, customers feel good and would have lesser complaints.  

Reduce Routine Inspection Check

With the labor crunch, system automation helps to reduce routine checks for inspectors.  Larger economies of scale is achieved for inspection checks. 

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