Human Traffic Counter: Motion Sensor

Human Traffic Counter​

Features of Human Traffic Counter: Motion Sensor

How does it work?

It effectively keeps track of the number of people entering the washroom through a traffic motion sensor. It has an infra-red beam, that when cut, is recorded as a person entering the washroom and the count is sent to the controller.  The information is transmitted in real-time to the software backend system for tabulation. 


The system is able to detect a person entering and exiting the toilet which allows for measurement of usage levels.  Each visit is immediately transmitted to the server which calculates the frequency as well as the overall number. Providing quantitative and qualitative analysis measurement of traffic and usage of the washroom.


Replenishment and Servicing of Sanitary and Toiletries Equipment

By monitoring the frequency of the washroom being used and how well it is being used, management would be able to time when the toilet needs to be maintained or when replenishment needs to be done. Knowing the density and usage of a particular washroom allows management to prioritise the servicing for washrooms with the highest usage. 

Statistics Analysis

By providing quantitative and qualitative statistics, certain usage patterns and customer behavior can be determined to improve washroom cleanliness. 

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