Feedback Panel: Touch Screen Feedback Panel

Feedback Panel


How does it work?

The feedback panel is an intuitive touchscreen panel that allows the public to express their level of satisfaction as well as service requests. After a request is submitted, the system sends out an email or sms alert to the smartphone of the relevant party responsible, who then initiates the necessary amendatory or remedial actions. 

Functions of Touch Screen Feedback Panel

With the instant real-time feedback touchscreen panel in the washroom, the public is able to give immediate assessment of the service level, design and functionality of the washroom.  With less favorable feedback, supervisors can receive system alerts to initiate service remedial and attend to customer needs and requests. 



Better Understanding on the Users

Instant feedback allows better understanding on the user’s expectations of the washroom, in terms of cleanliness, design and functionality. 

Higher Standards for Service Level

Historical data of feedback allows management staff to gauge the overall service level of the contractors. Overtime management will know the areas that need to be improved and maintain these standards.

Improves Communication

The communication between the public and the building management is more accurate as people are able to share their concerns immediately to the relevant parties involved.

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