Features of E-Checklist

How does it work?

Service staff can access the available digital forms to check what work needs to be done in the toilet. The digital form is accessed using an ID card or using their username and password that has been issued to them at the beginning of the job. 

Functions of Checklist

The e-checklists are digital forms that denotes what work needs to be done in the washroom. This is normally done using a hard copy that is placed at the washroom door and staff need to write their name, and date and time of the job done and sign off.  Now with this, paper forms are no longer required. 

Benefits of Checklist

Timely Facilities Inspection

With the e-Inspection, it supports timely facilities inspection and maintenance by service teams.  Remote real-time tracking and monitoring of the working conditions on facilities can be done anywhere.

Enable Immediate Assessment

During an inspection, when a fault is discovered, e-Inspection enables the service staff to report it immediately using a smartphone or panel terminal.  This helps enable faster service recovery and minimises complaints. It also allows for immediate assessment and analysis of the maintenance productivity and performance of the service teams. 

It allows supervisors to commend staff who has shown exemplary service and counsel those who can do better.

Improve Productivity of the Service Workforce

E-Inspection is developed to ensure timely response to faults and to improve productivity of the service workforce technicians, supervisors or other service staff. 

Paperless and Go Green

With e-Inspection it helps to save paper, fulfilling the eco-green environment.

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