m2Sense: Smart Toilet

m2Sense smart toilet is a smart technology that consists of sensors and counters to help in making the maintenance of toilets more manageable. It provides analytics and alerts to the relevant parties, capitalising on smart deployment to manage the cleanliness of the washrooms in the building


How It Works

Artboard 1Sensors CloudW.W.W01. Sense02. Hit Threshold 03. Trigger Alert05. Monitor 04. Corrective Action Once it reaches the predefined threshold level which is deem the need for cleaningSense for human traffic or foul odour within the areaAn alert message is propagated down to the respective cleaning supervisor to signal the need for cleaningCleaning supervisor will assign the cleaner to apply corrective cleaning on the indicated toilet/areaOnce the cleaning is done. The system will continue to monitor the levels again
Artboard 1
Artboard 1


Features of m2Sense

Human Traffic Counter

Urine & Feces Sensor


E-Inspection Checklist

Feedback Panel

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