Preventive Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance

Features of Preventive Maintenance

How does it work?

Management will be able to create jobs for servicing and maintenance work, which includes the job scope, the type of equipment required for each site and the frequency of servicing to be conducted. The job will then be assigned to the relevant service team and a push notification will be sent to the assigned team-in-charge. The job assigned can be viewed through the mobile application.

Upon reaching the site, the service team may scan the NFC (Near Field Communication) outdoor tag for location via the mobile app. Once location verified, the job scope and equipment required will also be reflected in the mobile app.

Functions of Preventive Maintenance

Periodic or preventive maintenance jobs can be scheduled using the system for various assignments and project sites.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Streamline processes + High-Quality Standards can be achieved

Servicing job can be broken down to equipment and area level for easier job deployment to the service team. Individual equipment checklist for servicing frequency and standards will be available for the supervisor to follow through to maintain and ensure high-quality standards is achieved.

Reduce duplication of work

Once the checklist has been completed, the service team can endorse the job with his signature and submit to the server through the cloud instantaneously. Serviced equipment will then be automatically removed from the master list to avoid job duplication.

Effective and Timely Jobs Management

HQ management will be able to review the progress of all job status and live reports from sites through the monitoring station. Flagged alerts can also be initiated by on-ground service team to management. As for flagged alerts that include suppliers or manufacturers, an email notification and service reports will be automatically sent to those who had subscribed to the alerts.

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