Manpower Rostering Planning

Manpower Rostering Planning

Features of Strategic Workforce Planning

How does it work?

Managers or site engineers will be able to create a daily roster and schedule job assignment for service team of each site via the manpower rostering calendar. The service team will be able to receive the job assigned to them instantly through the mobile application. Location and work progress can also be monitored through the web-based cloud anytime, anywhere.

Functions of Strategic Workforce Planning

Manpower rostering planning includes staffing requirement, specification of the job and duration required for each individual in the service team.

Benefits of Strategic Workforce Planning

Accountability on Defects or Faults

Full accountability and transparency of work operation and safety. Allocations of duties and responsibilities are stated clearly to avoid confusion on the job assigned.

Optimization of Manpower

Management will optimize manpower usage for different shifts and assignments with the information provided in the roster. This will help to increase productivity and minimise labour cost for each project

Planning for Manpower Deployment

With rostering, project managers and site engineers will be able to calculate the manpower required earlier and precisely. Pre-planning of who to assign and skillsets of staff required for each project will also be possible

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