KPI Benchmark Report

KPI Benchmark Report

Features of KPI Benchmark Report

How does it work?

Building maintenance periodic scoring checklist is digitized into a mobile report accessible through a smartphone. Cleanliness scoring and building maintenance results can be keyed directly and results will be updated instantly. Benchmark scoring reports will be stored on web-based cloud as record saving and future reference. 


With the use of our iREP application, scoring can be key in directly for each building section.  Instant scores can be tabulated according to the service level agreement between the building and term contractor. Scoring reports can be submitted and stored on the application cloud for future reference.


Instant results can be tabulated to ensure quality and keep track of any reworks that need to be done building owner or managing agent. Digitalised scoring sheets make it more accessible for term contractors when visiting various building sections. Photographed evidence can be captured into the scoring report for better understanding of fault analysis. Reports are also stored on web cloud which is easily accessible for users for reviews.

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