Fault Reporting System: Fault Management system

Fault Reporting System

Features of Fault Reporting System

How does it work?

This function allows users to file a fault incident via an online web portal or mobile application. Indication of the specific area, location and type of equipment that require for service are available as well as photo attachment selection. 

An email or SMS notification will be sent to relevant contractors once a fault incident is filed. Contractors can update the remedial action taken via the mobile application. Once the case is closed, a rectification SMS will be sent to notify the user and management. 

Live monitoring and summary report of fault incidents filed will also be available for viewing via the online web portal and mobile application.

Functions of Fault Management System

Fault reporting allows users and contractors to view and review all stages of a fault incident through a consolidated report. The web portal report is accessible anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.


Accountability on Defects or Faults

A central channel is utilised to monitor incoming fault incidents. This helps to decrease the downtime and number of unattended cases. Any fault incidents filed will also be sent to the respective service team immediately for the next course of action. Latest servicing personnel can also be identified based on historical records. 

Fast Response Time and improves in Customer Service Standards

Upon receiving a fault incident, system alert will trigger a notification SMS or email to the relevant service team for immediate service remedial. This minimises service downtime and users complaints, in turn, improves users experience. Paperless fault incidents records and invoices are also readily available through emails.

Proof of Service and Minimise Dispute

Experience full transparency with real-time service report using GPS tracking and images with digital signatures which helps in minimising miscommunication between users and service team. Proof of service will also be provided to validate any disputes and complaints.

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