Features of Attendance

How does it work?

Staff can access the attendance function via smartphone or terminal device with the ID card (NFC) issued or by keying in their username and password. A facial image will be taken during tap in, so that staff identity can be recognised by tapping the card and location will be distinguished with an NFC tag. Attendance submission with date and time included is completed through the cloud, fabrication will not be possible. 

Functions of Attendance

Aside from capturing the time in and time out of the staff, it also records data of lateness, overtime and allowance. This information can be updated into the payroll software for monthly or weekly salary calculation.

Benefits Attendance

Accountability on Defects or Faults

Full accountability and transparency of work operation and safety, with real-time monitoring of service team location and work progress. 

Reduce Dispute on Payroll

With a proper record of attendance, discrepancies in payroll will be reduced. In turn, improves trust between employees and employer.

Information can be easily accessed and retrieved

Periodic attendance for payroll calculation and work progression information can be easily accessed and retrieved anywhere, anytime with an internet or WIFI connection.

Save Costs and Paper

With paperless e-records, cost and wastage are greatly reduced as less paper is being used for printed verification. Information is also secured online which increases communication and productivity and lowering the risk of losing information with missing hardcopy documents.

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