Payroll and HR

Payroll and HR


How does it work?

Attendance information is stored on web-based cloud, this allows Payroll and HR team to  calculate monthly payslip directly. All payslips can be accessed and view via the mobile app. 


Employee information is stored on an extended database.
– Training, leaves, benefits and ID photos are recorded digitally.
– Progress of PWM training requirement can be viewed online.
– Calculates attendance taken by iREP attendance application.
– Check e-payslips via mobile app.
– Check and application of e-leave via mobile web.
– Complies with manpower regulations. 


Staff will be able to view their payslip and check on leave status and quota via mobile app, application of leave is applicable as well. Payroll disputes can be lessened with clear digital records. The system will also be able to alert management on staff progression for promotion which will help with staff retention for the company. 

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