Manpower Rostering

Manpower Rostering

Features of Manpower Rostering

How does it work?

An NFC enabled mobile phone with pre-installed iREP Security mobile app will be issued to the security officers of each shift. The app helps to gather data from the NFC tags at each security checkpoint and visitor cards with updates on the iREP web platform through mobile or WIFI network. Operation managers will be able to access the information anywhere with an internet connection.


Manpower Rostering allows operation managers to create roster schedules and assign guards for each site. Through the web-based cloud, Operation Managers can also check if their guards have arrived on site. This system allows for monitoring and planning of guards deployment ahead of time and also notifies the operation managers if guards are overworked or underworked. 


Ensuring the Exact Manpower Deployment Onsite

Operation Managers can easily ensure that the right number of guards is allocated and deployed for the different shifts and assignments.  This will prevent them from getting LATE DELIVERY (LD) in the event if the guards are not there.

Movement of Guards

Operation Managers are able to trace the movement of the guards, thereby allowing them to know whether the guards has arrived on site, late or absent and whether allocation of floaters is necessary.

Tracking the status of the guards

Operation Managers are able to see and record if guards are on MC or on leave in compliance to MOM regulations. This will help to reduce disputes between guards and the agency.

Forecast for Manpower Deployment

Rostering allows Operation Managers to plan their manpower resources early and more precisely.  Being able to calculate the required manpower for the site, they will be able to know whether the project is profitable.

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