Inventory Management

Inventory Management


How does it work?

Inventory management works by tracking two main actions of your stockroom – incoming and outgoing. The system allows for other actions that take place such as movement of inventory as well as noting suppliers information.  Inventory can also be manually accounted for and keyed into the system to allow for accurate tracking of inventory.


An inventory system allows management to have up-to-date knowledge of inventory levels so as to minimise understock and overstock situations. By efficiently tracking quantities of stocks, staff are kept accountable to better manage inventory stockouts and possible shrinkage. The inventory system also provides product and financial insights to make better inventory decisions. 


– Accountability of inventory items can be done from the office and on-sites, reducing the cost of ordering redundant items. 

– For inventory that consists of uniforms, such controlled items can be properly managed to prevent misuse of uniform for officers who have left the company. 

– The system is able to alert you when low in inventory,  reducing, and even eliminating, the chance of no stock scenarios.

– Unlimited categories and items can be keyed into the system for tracking, across different platforms. 

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