Infection Control: iREP VMS - Contact Tracing

Infection Control: iREP VMS - Contact Tracing

Features of Infection Control: iREP VMS - Contact Tracing

How it works?

With the current development of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, many countries are beginning to take additional measures to ensure the health and well being of their people.

The Visitor Management System (VMS) will be adopted for the infection control. An NFC enabled mobile phone with pre-installed iREP Security mobile app will be issued to the security officers of each shift. The app helps to gather data from the NFC tags at each security checkpoint and visitor cards with updates on the iREP web platform through mobile or WIFI network. Operation managers will be able to access the information anywhere with an internet connection.



Visitors may register at either the Visitor Registration at the Counter or through Visitor Registration Kiosks.

Visitors may use either their NRIC/Fin, Singaporean Driving License, or any identification card that can be scanned and retrieved easily. 

Also, a valid local mobile number that can be verified will also be required, as well as the Visitor’s car plate number or other information that is deemed necessary and important.

*All information provided by visitors will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of building visitation and contact tracing in the event of a pandemic situation. 


– Helps to monitor, manage and trace visitor’s movement (in and out) within the facility 

– Allows additional measures to be put in place to ensure the health and well being of the people 

– Aid the process of contact tracing during pandemic situation

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