Incident Report System

Incident Report

Features of Incident Report System

How does it work?

An NFC enabled mobile phone with pre-installed iREP Security mobile app will be issued to the security officers of each shift. The app helps to gather data from the NFC tags at each security checkpoint and visitor cards with updates on the iREP web platform through mobile or WIFI network. Operation managers will be able to access the information anywhere with an internet connection.

Functions of Incident Report System

With a single device, an incident report that includes an image, the time and place can be generated immediately. The report can be sent to the relevant Security manager for necessary action by using a mobile or WIFI network. The entire process takes only 10 minutes with iREP Security whereas it takes 30 minutes without it. This helps in improving productivity greatly.

Benefits of Incident Report System

Time savings for managers, guards and client reporting

With iREP Security’s web-based platform, it allows operation managers to monitor multiple job sites work progress remotely. And with the access to custom reports, clients are able to check on work progress anytime. This helps to save time and increase productivity.

Feedback channels for both Security officers and Management

Security officers will be able to send in feedback on issues of concern for the management to look into. Likewise, management will be able to keep track of the status of issue reported and what action had been taken.

GPS Intelligence

Security officers location can be tracked using geo-locations, this minimises response time for emergency cases at any particular location that requires immediate attention.

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