Features of Attendance

How does it work?

An NFC enabled mobile phone with pre-installed iREP Security mobile app will be issued to the security officers of each shift. The app helps to gather data from the NFC tags at each security checkpoint and visitor cards with updates on the iREP web platform through mobile or WIFI network. Operation managers will be able to access the information anywhere with an internet connection.

Functions of Attendance

Check-in attendance is completed after Security officers scanned their ID tags and have their photograph snapped. This information will be recorded in the system to avoid discrepancies in working hours and salary payout. 

Benefits of Attendance

Resolve disputes on payroll for HR and Proof of Timeliness

Location and time report to work by Security officers can be identified through the attendance records, this will help in avoiding discrepancies for salary payout. And Security officers who are punctual for work can be rewarded accordingly.

Tracking and monitoring can be done anywhere + Presence of the guard

Remote tracking and monitoring can be done anywhere with an internet connection, this includes overseas operation and Security officer attendance as well. This helps in saving cost and time for travelling down on site.

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