After Action Review

After Action Review

Features of After Action Review

How does it work?

After Action Review (AAR) is a tool designed to assess information, helping management and organization’s leader discover what is done correctly and do differently. It encapsulates the relevant data for authorities to conduct future investigations and facilities learning and training objectives.

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After action review
After action review report on mobile device

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After Action Review Report in Desktop

Functions of After Action Review

The purpose of an After Action Report (AAR) is to analyse the management or response to an incident, identifying strengths to be maintained and built upon, as well as identifying potential areas of improvement.     

Benefits of After Action Review

Higher Efficiency

An After Action review (AAR) process improves communication and feedback within organisation’s teams themselves. 

Concise and Clear Reporting Format

AAR Report Template offers a convenient format for summarizing the findings of the report.

Provide Actionable Recommendations

It provide a clear summary of concrete and actionable recommendations that will improve the process on future work.

Highlighting Important Tasks

It helps in identifying tasks and topics requiring leadership attention.

Learn and Improve

Sharing the results from AAR can help future teams learn successful strategies, best practices and avoid pitfalls that have worked to overcome.

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