Business Times : How to build a stronger business magnet

On 29th June ,our Chief Executive Officer , Aaron Lee, got invited again for a discussion again with Business Times. For this week’s round of topics, many executives from various companies come together to talk about “What will it take for Singapore to continue to pull in strong investments year after year?”

Enlightened by the words of Aaron Lee, here is what he have to say

“Singapore must continue to be seen as one of best and easiest places to do business in the world, and this requires strengthening of its robust economic fundamentals and global talent pool, ensuring political and social stability and a keen foresight on investing in new and high performing sectors to diversify its economy for sustainable growth. While it is imperative to attract and secure foreign investments in the long term, let us not forget our homegrown SMEs are also a key driver of the Singapore economy. Emphasis and programmes should be placed and introduce to encourage SMEs to expand their business overseas, such as virtual networking platforms for business matching opportunities, and educational and assistive programmes on harnessing technology and renewable energy sources creatively to drive productivity and growth.”

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