Automated Carpark Management System(ACMS)

Automated Carpark Management System

Features of ACMS

How does it work?

Automated Carpark Management system is a digital vehicle management that does real time vehicle counting, security analysis and recordings of vehicles in and out of premises. It improves efficiency and productivity of management.

License Plate Recognition System with Vehicle Management System

Automated carpark management system

ANPR Camera System

ANPR Camera System

Functions of Carpark Management system

It will increase the speed of vehicle traffic flow. Our vehicle management system is integrated with license plate recognition function and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.


Auto Barrier System

ACMS can also be integrated with Auto Barrier System

Increases Efficiency & Speed of Vehicle Traffic Flow

Reduce time taken to record driver’s details. Avoid heavy jams caused at the premise entrances due to manual work process

Reduce Workload for the Security Officers

With our ACMS, there is no need for manual recording of vehicles in and out. Security Officers do not need to be present to press the manual gantry button.

Digitalizing of your records

Digital records can be search easily, faster and exported into report when necessary. You can also digitally archives your vehicle/visitor data for a long period of time

Efficient Manpower Management & Higher Productivity

Reduces the manpower needed, results in higher efficiency & productivity

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