iREP Workforce Management System is an integrated set of processes in business with the use of information technologies and application to analyze, evaluate, ensure quality of service, standards and optimize workforce.  



This function allows customer to go online through the web portal and lodge in a defect or fault.  They can specify clearly an area, location and the type of equipment needs servicing in buildings or regions.  They can choose to attach photographs of the defects as well.  Contractors will receive an email or SMS notification once a fault is reported for action.  They will then use the mobile application to report remedial action taken.  Upon closing the case, a rectification SMS will be sent to the customer and management. 

Customers can view a summary report from the web portal on lodged faults and the lifecycle until the case closed.  They can also use this mobile application or web portal to create fault cases and monitor them live.



Fault reporting allows customer and contractors to view and review all the cases from pending, outstanding, in progress, till closing over a consolidated report.  And accessing of such reports can be anywhere, anytime on the web portal as long as there is internet connections.  This helps to create a peace of mind!



Accountability on Defects or Faults:

There will be a central channel to monitor all incoming faults.In the past, a lot of faults are left open, unattended and not updated, resulted in a building with many defects.With this function, faults entered can be monitored on a CLOSE the LOOP methodology.Fault repairs or service jobs can be immediately sent to the respective service team.Historical records on the last servicing personnel can be identified.

Fast Response Time to Defects or Faults:

Service team can received system alert directly on the mobile phone through SMS or email notifications to initiate service remedial and attend to customer needs and requests.This allow faults to be resolved straightaway.Minimise complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

Improves Customer Service Standards:

Customer can get instant peace of mind that they have a record trace of this service faults.  Customers no need to keep so many papers.  They can always retrieve from their emails of the service carried out and the invoice.

Proof of Service and Minimise Dispute

Live reporting with GPS tracking and images with digital signature for the service reports.  The presence of worker is verified. Service is performed. Proof of service to validate any disputes or complaints.  The location of the service team position can be traced easily on google maps.  When there is transparency, comes trust!  This fulfils and improves the communication among the whole eco-system!


When taking mobile attendance, each staffs or workers are issued with an ID card (NFC) or key in their username and password to access the attendance function on the smartphone device or a terminal.  Tap the card to know their identity and tap a NFC tag to identify the location.  A selfie will be taken.  With the facial image and the GPS position captured, the online submission through the cloud is completed with date and time stamp which cannot be fabricated!



The attendance captures the time in and time out of the workers and records useful information like lateness, overtime and allowance etc.  This information can be uploaded into the payroll software to calculate the monthly or weekly salary information. 



Accountability and Transparency:

Accountability and transparency of work for operation and safety.  With attendance function, it allows real-time monitoring of workers location and work progress.  With such transparency, workers will not be confused and supervisors will know exactly whether work has been carried out promptly or not. 

Reduces Dispute on Payroll:

Dispute between employers and workers pertaining to attendance can be reduced when there is proper recording through technology.  Discrepancies in payroll for employees can be reduced.  This helps to motivates and improves trust between the workers and employer.

Information can be easily access and retrieved:

Periodic attendance for payroll calculation can be done anywhere with internet connections.  Work progress information can be easily accessible and retrieved anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet or WIFI connections. 

Save Costs and Paper:

In the past, rostering and attendance is done using spreadsheets and papers.  A lot of costs is spent on buying papers and printing hardcopy papers for verifications on projects assignments.  Sometimes this results in illegibility and paper loss which results in wastage and time to comprehend what was written.  Communications is also improves. 

Elderly Friendly 

The mobile application only involves a simple three steps attendance taking process - tap, snap and submit. Therefore the older workers do not have to worry about the complexity of the technology involved as it is highly intuitive and effortless. 


When doing servicing and maintenance, management can create jobs, define the scope of work and the type of equipment to be used for each site.  They would assign the service team and choose the frequency of how often this job must be conducted.  Once the job is created, a notification is pushed to the assigned team leader or supervisor. The team leader can view the jobs assigned to him on the mobile application installed inside his smartphone. 

When the team leader reaches the site, he or she will use the smartphone to scan the NFC (Near Field Communications) outdoor tag for location.  Then the relevant equipment based on the location and job scope will be stated clearly. 



Management can schedule periodic or preventive maintenance jobs using the system. They can create such jobs for various project sites and assignment. 



Streamline Processes:

Supervisors can breakdown his servicing to equipment and area level to ease his method of deploying his men. The time needed for the management to communicate with the supervisors is kept to a minimum due to the accessibility of the mobile application. Furthermore, with Periodic Maintenance module, it will effectively prevent miscommunication between the management and supervisors. Hence, reducing the disputes that might arise from miscommunication. 

High Quality Standards can be achieved:

Scheduled periodic job activities based on the team's frequency (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) will be downloaded onto the mobile application for the supervisor, allowing the supervisor to deploy his team more efficiently. Therefore, achieving high quality standards of work. 

Reduce duplication of work:

Once all the checklists have been completed, he will endorse the works with the signature of the managing agent (optional).  He will then submit to the server instantly through cloud.  The mobile application will be smart enough to automatically remove the equipment which is serviced from the master list.  Therefore servicing will not be duplicated unless necessary. 

Effective and Timely Jobs Management:

With the monitoring station, management will be able to view from the HQ all the status and reports coming in live from site to review the progress.  Alerts can be initiated by the supervisor on the ground to the management when flagged. For example if the flagged indicated “refer equipment to supplier or manufacturer”, suppliers who subscribe to these alerts will get an email notification and service report automatically.


As for the manpower rostering calendar, it allows manager or site engineer to create daily roster schedule on workers assignment for each site.  Workers or drivers will receive job assigned instantly over their smartphone.  Supervisors, managers or site engineers can check on their workers easily, knowing where they are through the web-based on cloud.  Monitoring and planning ahead of jobs can be done anywhere and anytime!



The rostering process starts with the determination of staffing requirements and ending the specification of the work to be performed, over some time period, by each individual in the workforce. 



Accountability and Transparency:

Accountability and transparency of work for operation and safety.  With manpower rostering, there will be clarity in terms of allocation of duties and responsibilities. With such transparency, workers will not be confused and supervisors will know exactly whether work has been carried out promptly or not. 

Optimization of Manpower:

With the information given in this function, supervisors can easily manage the manpower allocation for the different shifts and assignments.  Optimization of manpower can be achieved, brings productivity and save costs on labor minimize project wastage. 

Planning for Manpower Deployment:

Rostering allow project managers or site engineers to plan their manpower resources early and more precisely.  They are able to calculate the amount of people they need to hire for a particular projects and who to assign and what skill sets of workers needed for the projects. 


The KPI Benchmark Scoring Checklists for various locations within a site are digitised onto the mobile application. The supervisor or team leader can access and view the KPI Benchmark Checklists on the mobile application installed inside their smartphone. When the supervisor or team leader reaches the site, he or she will use the NFC- compliant smartphone to scan the NFC  outdoor location tag. Then, the relevant KPI Benchmark Checklist based on the location and site will be displayed clearly.


  • Direct scores can be keyed into the smartphone device using our iREP application for each building section.
  • Instant scores will be tabulated based on the service level agreement between building and term contractor.
  • Scoring reports can be submitted and stored on the application cloud for future access.



  • Able to tabulate instant results, so quality can be ensured immediately. (If reworks is needed by building owner or managing Agent)
  • reports are stored in the cloud, so users can access easily for reviews
  • Term contractor do not need to carry different scoring sheets for various building sections, hence its very easy to use and portable.
  • Photographs and evidence can be taken and captured into the scoring report for instant understanding and analysis.


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