Gabkotech Innovations Pte Ltd was founded in the year 2012.  We specialize in developing IOT and SMART Workforce Solutions for Facilities Management.  Our methodology is walking the process of Design, Consultancy, Project Management, Training, Qualification and Business Continuity with our client to reach their goals and objectives.

Our main focus is to transform business applications to help service management industry to do workforce planning and scheduling for curbing manpower optimization challenges.  Empowering them to be more competitive in their own market field. 

Our list of customers covers Facility Management Companies, Security Agencies, Cleaning, Mechanical Electrical Engineering, Pest Control and other services industries.  The solution and services we provide helps in coping the common challenges of these industries like constant demand for managing manpower, changing standards, complying to regulatory requirements and gaining productivity using technology.

Being a customer-oriented organization, we are driven to provide the best quality service to meet their expectations and to see them achieve their business objectives.



“ Achieve an eco-green environment through innovation. ”



“ We strive pioneer innovative solutions to gain competitive advantage ”


Our Values :

  1.  Being innovative
  2.  Customer-oriented
  3.  Creative thinking
  4.  Positive mindset
  5.  Determination
  6.  Bold
  7.  Practical
  8.  Integrity
  9.  Teamwork




Aaron Lee

Managing Director & Founder of Gabkotech

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